Baby ultrasound sonar image debosser stamp

Baby ultrasound sonar image debosser stamp

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This stamp is part of our new range of finely detailed debossing stamps to create raised 3d effect shapes for use on fondant to decorate cookies. It is possible to create more fine details than the usual stamps.
  • Only for use on fondant, does not work on cookie dough
  • Choose whether you want debosser only or with matching cutter
  • Stamp area is a 10x10cm square. Only available in one this size
  • Internal design fits a 9cm circle cutter
  • A matching cutter also available measuring: 7.6x5.9cm
  • Stamp made from food-safe acrylic and cutter made from food-safe PLA plastic
  • Cutter plastic colour varies depending on availability 
  • Our products are not dishwasher-safe. Handwash only.

Usage instructions:

  • Rinse stamp with water and ensure it fully dries before first use. 
  • Work an appropriately sized piece of fondant and roll into the stamp on its engraved face
  • Use cornstarch on the stamp before rolling to help it release easier
  • Move the roller in one direction towards the edges to avoid fondant lifting up
  • Remove fondant from stamp slowly and from all directions to avoid stretching
  • If the fondant still stretches when removed from stamp, use more fondant so it forms a thicker layer and is less prone to stretching

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